First off, let me just say that I would never have considered consulting anyone about lighting options for our home, but I am so glad we did!!! At our old home I was always frustrated with the lack of light in our living and dining room area. Once in our new home I knew that I wanted to make sure we accounted for plenty of light so as not to have the same problem. However, I was unsure exactly how to get started. With Margie’s prompting we broke our project down into layers which was extremely helpful and helped me to focus my energy on the decorative fixtures while she arranged the recessed and under cabinet lighting. Not only did she create a lighting plan which she supplied to our electricians, but she shopped around for the best prices and did considerable amounts of research to help us arrive at our desired look. If I were you, I would not hesitate to use Margie for your next project. She’s a great resource!

Alysha Heidke
Brockton, MA

June 2017


For a healthy home, a well-lit home and one that speaks of you, the owner, ask Margie McNally, Interior Designer to be your guide, your guru, your expert!

She is easy to work with, has a calming way when you are living in the midst of construction, has the expertise and good eye to make educated and artistic suggestions and is a gem!

I would not build or remodel without Margie by my side!   Margie can walk into a room and in a moment tell you how to light it, arrange it and make it more livable and she does this in a calm, unpretentious manner! Need products and have allergies?   Margie will tell you what to use and help you stay healthy!”

Marjie Cahn
Concord, Massachusetts
November 2009

I’ve worked with Margie for a couple of years.   I’ve found her to be knowledgeable about “green” or eco-friendly home products.   She is a pleasure to work with because she really listens to what you need and responds accordingly.   She always goes out of her way to find out things she doesn’t have at her finger tips.   As I’m very allergic to many things she has been very helpful in identifying products that will work best for me.   I’ve been very satisfied with the support Margie has given me.

Ingrid Wolfson
Watertown, Massachusetts
March 2010

The art of successful selling incorporates a number of ingredients, one being that we want to be understood. If I were to cite one of the many ingredients Margie brings to each customer is the passion and drive to listen for the need and to craft a viable solution.
I have been fortunate to have met Margie and share her many visions on the importance of lighting in relation to individual well-being. Margie is well versed in the latest in LED lighting and the importance of delivering the proper light where it is needed.

Those of us in the lighting industry today are experiencing significant changes with the advent of LED. Margie is well versed in new LED lighting technology and utilizes her knowledge to crest solutions to achieve customer expectations.

During the time Margie spent with our company, we realized the closure of many business opportunities in health care and retail operations in need of proper lighting.

Bob Cook
Branch Manager
Granite City Electric Supply Co., Inc Northeastern University

Margie is a knowledgeable, creative and responsive teacher on the subject of building material selection. She cares about her students, and they feel that from the beginning. She has high standards,and is ready to work with her students to help them meet those standards. Margie is a conscientious member of our team. She cares about her subject and is in constant search of new information, approaches, and tools. I direct the program in which Margie has taught the longest at the BAC. I have recommended her to my colleagues with other programs, and her efforts in those programs have been well received. I highly recommend Margie to your organization.

Lance Fletcher, AIA, LEED AP, Director of Sustainable Design,
Boston Architectural College.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Margie McNally. Margie has been an active Board Member for Green Schools for the past few years. We have gotten to collaborate on the topic of Green Schools, Youth Development, IAQ, LEED and special projects. Margie currently performs the role of Outreach for the Green Schools Organization. Margie also writes for and organizes our Blog and assists with PR. Margie simply “gets it” when it comes to Environmental Education and is simply a pleasure to work with!

Robin (Sidman) Organ
Founder & Executive Director of Project Green Schools

I had the great pleasure to work with Margie McNally when she was on my New Construction team at Conservation Services Group. She was our knowledgeable ‘go to’ expert on lighting, LEED, and green building materials. Margie is a self-starter, has good follow through, and is someone you can trust to get a project done correctly. She consistently met and exceed the utility-set targets and goals for the Energy Star Homes program. Margie is one of those people who you just love to work with. I highly recommend her!

John Livermore
President/CEO at Healthy Home Healthy Planet